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Jose Cuervo Is Actually Working A Tequila Train & Possible Go Along For Ride

Jose Cuervo Is Actually Working A Tequila Practice &aadam4adam mp; You’ll Complement For Any Ride

Jose Cuervo Is Actually Operating A Tequila Practice & You Can Go Along When It Comes Down To Ride

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Jose Cuervo Is Actually Working A Tequila Train In Mexico And Complement When It Comes To Ride

Whether you want margaritas, an enjoyable tequila dawn, or perhaps drinking it straight-up,
tequila is actually delicious
and Jose Cuervo is one of the most readily useful people available to you (not an ad, merely a legit personal view). Recently I found out about the
Jose Cuervo Present
, a train that runs through Mexico, providing people their unique refill of alcoholic beverages while the train moves along, and honestly, i must book my personal ticket ASAP.

  1. It operates from Guadalajara to Tequila.

    Yes, tequila is an urban area, not just a glass or two (and the beverage was named after the community in any event). The entire trip takes when it comes to 11 hrs, which will be enough time to take pleasure from some tasty Jose Cuervo whilst train rolls along side monitors. You should be very lost by the point you arrive. WOO HOO!

  2. You do not only get a train journey.

    Your own admission contains tequila products during board, yes, but inaddition it contains a call to and a trip in the Cuervo distillery so you’re able to notice procedure that enters producing all the liquor you merely downed about train. You also arrive at check out some agave areas and circumambulate the city of Tequila to see some views. Plus, organizers have actually planned video games, activity, and plenty of other pursuits to enjoy.

  3. Children are welcome.

    While ingesting tequila isn’t really a children’s task, the Jose Cuervo Express is kid-friendly. Indeed, children 5 and under can ride free! There is a decreased rate for young ones aged 6 to 17, so that you won’t pay top dollar for them when they carry out arrive. They undoubtedly will not be omitted for the fun video games, food, and activities, so you shouldn’t feel unusual having all of them (merely perhaps stay away from getting too intoxicated).

  4. It is extremely not too expensive.

    Based on the internet site, you’ll
    guide a citation aboard the Jose Cuervo present
    for approximately $109, which deciding on all you could get is a fairly sweet deal. Perhaps not surprisingly, the train will likely get truly hectic especially throughout warmer months, so plan in advance and get your own passes as soon as possible. I’m sure in which I’m going for spring split!

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